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Preamble & Appeal

We consider it a great privilege and pleasure to present this small brochure wherein a bird-eye view of diagnostic and eye, dental and other health services rendered by our two medical centers and value-based education imparted by our school is attempted.

The moving spirit behind all these humanitarian services has been Shree Hari Har Mooni Maharaj - a towering saint who considered human service as the best of all religions.

Genesis will bear the fact out that the Trust had in view to provide much needed and most reliable diagnostic, eye-corrective, dentistry, physiotherapy and super specialistsí services to patients in general and underprivileged in particular at affordable price. The generous donations flowing from India and abroad have helped to realize the objective set by the Trust in an appreciable way.

At present medical centers running one each at Kalvibid and Vijayrajnagar areas, and a school in temple campus have been serving society to their best.

We however do not wish to stop here. The readers may peruse the plans in pipeline at the end. Looking to the performance and the standing both the medical centers and the school have earned during a span of 15 years, we believe, readers will be enthused to become our partners by contributing their mite in serving people at large.

It is gratifying to mention that the Govt. of India through its Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue has approved our Trust for 100% tax exemption on donation made under Section 35 AC of Income Tax Act.

Further, the Ministry of Home has approved our Trust for acceptance of donations under Foreign Currency (Regulation) Act of 1976.

The Trust is also having Income Tax Exemption Certificate under Section 80(G) of Income Tax Act.

R. P. Shah
Hon. Secretary
For Om Shree Ram Mantra Mandir Trust

There was a big event of Pranpratishtha of the Murti of  Reverand Shri Muni Maharaj the inspiration of OSRMMT front of the OSRMMT Temple Lkkalvibid Bhavnagar.

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