Pathology Wing

Distinct disciplines in which the Pathology Laboratories of both the Centres with ultramodern automatic equipment and proven gadgets manned by highly qualified and experienced pathologists and technicians made operational have earned acclaim from doctor and specialist friends, the ultimate beneficiaries being the patients, in a short span. The laboratories have since distinguished themselves as the most reliable pathology apparatus rendering diagnostic leads in this region. That it caters to the beneficiaries of the order of one lakh a year is squarely attributed to the hard work put in by the team manning the Pathology Wings of both Centres.

Infrastructure in terms of Instruments

Fully Automated Bio-Chemishtry RA-XT Analyser

All Biochemistry Tests
    This is a fully automated bio-chemistry analyzer having capacity of 240 tests per hour. It gives accurate and speedy result.
Instrument is calibrated regularly and controls are run on daily basis.
Johnson & Johnson Dry-Chemishtry Analyzer
     Electrolyte, CA, PHOS, CK-MB, Ammonia, etc.
Bio-Rad Elisa Reader with Washer

HbsAG and HIV positive results are confirmed with the help of this equipment. Other analysis undertaken are TORCH penal; other Elisa based tests is in pipline.

Turbox Nephlometry
      APOA1, APOB RA, CRP Quantitative Microalbumin, Fibrinogen-Quantitative

   Apolipoprotein A-1 and B measurements are usful in assessing Coronary Artery
    diseases risk. They are more specific and sensitive biochemical markers of Coronary
    Artery diseases risk than triglycerides of serum cholesterol measurements for HDL
    cholesterol and LDL cholesterol profiling.

Fully Automated Hormonal and Tumor Marker Analyser : Immulyte


   Thyroid Hormones
   T3, T4, TSH, FT3, FT4

   Tumor Markers
   PSA, AFP., HCG, Cortisol, CEA
     Fertility Hormone
   FSH, LH, Prolactine, Testosterone, Oestrogen, Progesterone, etc.
   For coronary artery disease
     Anaemia Profile
   Iron TIBC, Vit B12, Ferritin, Folic Acid, etc.
CCTV Camera for Microscopic Photographs
     For all Histopathology and Cytology specimen
  BACTAC 9050 for Blood Culture
     Blood Culture and other fluid culture
Laminar Air Flow
     Bacteria free atmosphere for culture and sensitivity
SQA-70 for Automated Sperm Analyzer
     Accurate Semen Analysis
QBC M/c for Malaria
     Accurate malaria parasite detection
Air Sampler
     To detect Micro-organisms from Operation Theater and, Hospitals
Colony Counter
     To count the Bacterial Growth in different culture specimen
Sysmex Fully Auto Cell Counter
     All Hemograms
  Automated Organon Coagulometer
     PT, PTT and Fibrinogen tests are done
     Magnetic stirrer principle.
Parameter 3-Part Differential Cell Counter Micro - 60
    All Hemograms
   Fast and Accurate results with speed of 60
    samples per hour.
   Only 10 microlit blood is required.
   Automatic calibration and automatic probe wiping.
Fully Automated Semen Analyzer
     % Mortility
     % Normal Morphology
     Total Sperm Count
   Total Functional Sperm Count
Disciplinewise Tests
The pathology investigations are performed disciplinewise as under :
Histopatho & Cytology
  Serology is carried out manually and on Turbox Nephlometry. Biorad Elisa Reader housed in the Pathology Wing also caters to the tests falling under Serology.
  With the help of automatic and most accurate Biomerieux Micro 60 Cell Counter, complete blood count is done with utmost care.
Fluid Examination
    - Urine
    - Others: Examination of CSF, Pericardial fluid, Peritonial fluid, Synovial fluid and other is
     offered on being advised by doctor and specialist friends
Hormone & Tumor Marker Aided Pathology
  All tests are done on fully automated Immulyte instrument
Cardiac Risk Factor Pathology
  Analysis of cardiac enzymes offered
Histopathology & Cytology

Until now the Centres have done 2000 FNAC and Biopsy with reports of lesion from all these different sites. Slides are stud

ied and can be appreciated on computer screen a cellular structure, morphology and can be printed on glazed paper and such documented reports are given for appreciation of doctors and specialists.

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