Orthopantomography ( Intra Oral Imaging )

Advantages such as the simplicity of procedure, broadened scope of examination, less total radiation, eliciting information not possible through conventional intra-oral radiographs and above all comfort of patients need hardly any emphasis so far as OPG is concerned. It is useful



For full mouth radiological examination of teeth and their supporting structures like the
periodontium, bone etc.

To investigate developing teeth in children.
To assess the time of eruption of the teeth in children.

To detect impacted wisdom teeth, tumors, bone dysplasias, cysts or any other pathology in
the facial region.
To detect disease of temporomandiabular joints.
To detect any diseases of sinuses of the upper jaw.
Panoramic radiography is reliable for spotting fractures of upper and lower jaws.

Orthopantomography Unit

For quick radiography of patients with multiple injuries, who are usually not able to adjust their heads in different positions, as required in conventional radiography. Valuable and precise data of site and extent of the fracture of facial bones and jaws are easily elicited.



Orthopantomography Image
Showing all teeth along with surrounding bones, including T.M. joints in one film
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