Ophthalmology Wing

Eyes are the most precious organs of the body. Total or partial loss of eye sight changes one’s way of life. Our doctor and specialists friends will agree that all of us need regular eye check-ups.

In order to provide the best eye checkup and correction at very economical rate the Trust has appointed three highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists and raised ultramodern facility coupled with advanced operation theaters at both the Centres.

Regular eye checkup benefits one to know and understand

Vision in both eyes is normal or poor.

Any disease (e.g. Glaucoma) of which the person is unaware.

Early identification of any defect which can be treated.
Changes in power of spectacles.

Damage in eye due to diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure etc. which may lead to poor vision in future.
 Inherited any familial eye disease
Changes required related to diet, physical activity, exercise, etc
The Centres offer :
Routine eye checkup
Executive eye checkup
Eye checkup for
    -  School Children
    -  Computer Experts
    -  Employees
    -  School Teachers
    -  Babies

High tech operation theater and eye-checkup setup are equipped with advanced and proven gadgets

Shortly the Centres will have
Keratoplasty Centre
Glaucoma Care Centre
Ophthalmic Mobil unit and above all
ISO Certification
Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, Vision Correction through spectacles, contact lens and laser vision correction besides cosmetic eye-surgery are our most precious services.
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