Radiology & Imaging Wing

Special application of MRI
MR Angiography non invasive way
MR Cholangio Pancreatography MRCP
MR Cardiac for cardiac structures: With the cardiac package one can do MR studies of the Heart, Dynamic CINE imaging of cardiac function, visualization of Myocardial dynamics.
Functional MR Including perfusion
MR Spectroscopy Biochemical Evaluation
The Main applications of MRI are :
(A) MRI ---- Brain cases Nontraumatic, White Matter Diseases, Posterior fossa lesions
(B) MRI ----Various Angios, Cerebral, Aorta and its Branches, Peripheral Vessels.
(C)  MRI ----MRCP Cholangiography and Pancreatography cardiac imaging dark and bright        blood morphology with lung imaging 2D and 3D, Pediatric Imaging
(D) MRI ----Muscularskeletal like, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow
Patient Should Follow following instruction :
1. Patient should inform about metallic clips in the body due to previous operations, Aneurysm Clips, Heart Valves-Ear Implant, Dental Implant, Metallic Foreign Bodies, Orthopedic Implants e.g. Bone Plates Screws, catheter or Tubes, pacemakers, Cardiac Prosthesis.
2. Patients to bring previous X-Rays and C T Scan and a reports of any other investigation.
3. Please inform the doctor /nurse/receptionist, if you have any metallic or electromagnetic items in or on your body.
4. Please inform the doctor/nurse/receptionist if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
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