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Medical Centres

Crying need of reliable diagnostic leads emanated from advanced pathology and radiology setups and services of super specialist doctors at reasonable and affordable price to the masses in the most vital arena of health prompted the management of the Trust to direct its resources to equip the Medical Centre with all that needed. The Trust made it most wonderfully.



Medical Centre at Kalvibid

What we see today is a small beautiful health sanctuary where people of their own go and advise others to go without any hesitation for treatment. In no time meticulous design with which the Centre operated and delivered excellent unchallengeable diagnosis, drew crowds. In order to ease the rush the Centre extended its arm in western entry of Bhavnagar - Viajayrajnagar, and setup one more Centre with all facilities.



Vision with which the Trust acted to provide much needed health services to the underprivileged is acclaimed and acknowledged not only in Bhavnagar but across the western region. Criteria of no profit no loss dominated in providing health care to one and all who approached the Centres.

Medical Centre at Vijayrajnagar

The Medical Centres in the last five years catered 8.25 lakhs patients, averaging 1.60 lakhs a year. Pathology and Radiology wings had to deal with an audience of the order of 5.50 lakhs rendering yearly efficiency factor of one lakh and more. Super consultancy service offered by the Centres in the area of Eye (90,000 with 7000 operations), Dental (50,000), ECG (7000), TMT (2500), Endoscopy (1500), Colonoscopy (300),Mammography (250) totals to 151000.

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