Dynamics of prosperity of a civilization is dependent and dictated by the health and the enlightenment it commands. These two pillar-virtues of a civilization need to be properly nourished and guarded in all their manifestations till infinity.

Late Shri Hari Har Mooni Maharaj with the conviction that human class being the most vital segment of a civilization spent his entire life to serve and enlighten this class . In his view, service to the mankind is the best religion.

Shri Mooni Maharj’s “mantra” (formula) was very simple. Write down 108 times the name of your God, observe silence for five minutes surrendering totally to Him and then start serving people around you in whatever way you can.


Dear to Shri Mooni Maharaj - human health and enlightenment - were well taken by his devotees and followers, and Om Shri Ram Mantra Mandir Trust was established in 1977 with clear mandate of providing institutional setups, for Health and Education. The Trust was blessed by Shri Mooni Maharaj himself.

With a corpus fund of Rs. 1001 donated by Shri Mooni Maharaj himself the Trust had started its journey. When Shri Mooni Maharaj took leave of the earthly life in 1981, a blue print was ready for modern health centre and a unique school. Both came into being in 1986. At present the Trust is operating with a budget of Rs. 60 million ($ 1.2 million ), thanks to the donors of Bhavnagar and all over India.

Looking like a pilgrimage place on the southern gate of Bhavnagar, the campus has in its centre Shri Ram Mantra Mandir (Temple) constructed on a capsule containing trillions of Mantras of different God - Godesses which includes hand written Mantras of Ram more than 500 crores and two hundred crores others, and to its left and right are institutional setups, viz Health Centre and Education Centre respectively. Secular character of both these institutions have earned gratitude of people of the economy class and recognition of sectors which they profess and serve.


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