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Exemption / Concessions

Schemes of Exemption / Concession in Charges of Investigations against Donations

Cataract Operation by Phaco-Surgery is done free of charge.
Patients are charged for lens.
Against donation of Rs. 15000 ($ 300) the lens will also be fixed free of charge to one patient recommended by the donor every year on permanent basis.
Simple CT Scan of brain is done in Rs. 1100 only. Against donation of Rs. 15000 ($ 300)one patient can be given Rs. 1000 concession in a year on permanent basis.
Against donation of Rs. 10000 ($ 200) one patient can be exempted from Rs. 600 Color Doppler investigation charge in a year on permanent basis.
Mammography charges of one patient in a year can be waved completely against donation of Rs. 10000 ($ 200).

Against donation of Rs. 5000 ($ 100)  for any one of the following  investigations / treatment to one patient can be done free of charge in a year

  Two X-Ray - Free
  One OPG - Free
  One Sonography - Free
  Normal Pathology up to Rs. 300
  Dental Treatment up Rs. 300

The donors are free to select a day of their choice (Birthday, Marriage Day, Heavenly Abode Day of their beloved or day of any occasion to be remembered) for giving above relief to needy patients.

On the donation of Rs. 50,000 ($ 1000), permanently one patient per year will be given concession of Rs. 3000 in MRI charges.


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