Dentistry Wing

Carelessness and improper care have been the chief causes of not only dental problems but give rise to GI Tract diseases. Teeth being most vital organs of body require regular checkups. Above all teeth play important role in carving out one’s personality.

The Dentistry Wing of the Centres backed by experienced dentists cater to following arena


Clinical examination, X-Ray (OPG) and pathology (Biopsy) to arrive at diagnosis.

Operating dentistry involving silver and composite fillings, cementing and protecting pulp from all kinds of sensations.

Endodentic to save teeth using Root Canal Treatment. Specially designed to restore chewing
efficiency and aesthetics of patients.

Aesthetic Dentistry, comprising composite fillings, bleaching, setting ceramic cap, bridge and
  periodental surgery, application of diamonds on anterior teeth.
Prosthetic service aiming at fixing partial and complete denture and treating denture irritation by soft tissue liners.

Smooth extraction of wisdom and infected teeth and root pieces.
Pedodenties for children who have teeth problems.

Surgical treatment of fractured jaws, cyst removal, and case of accident.
The Centres are in process of adding
Electrical Dental Unit
Laser Machinary
Orthodentic Rx
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