Emergency CT Scan Service at any Time

Color Doppler Imaging (CDI)

The ATL 3000 HDI equipment with its asset of Color Doppler facility has also been in service with accurate reading of CDI of non-cardiac and cardiac class of patients.

Non-cardiac group :


Peripheral vascular disease: Arterial and venous stenosis, thrombosis.

Cerebro vascular diseases including carotids and vertebral.

Renal Color Doppler Imaging: Color Doppler studies for renal arteries and parenchymal lesions.
Aorta & branches. Aneurisms, stenosis, thrombus, occlusion.
Liver Color Doppler Imaging specially for portal hypertension, cirrhosis.
Thyroid Color Doppler: thyroiditis, thyrotoxicosis and evaluation of all thyroid nodules.

Scrotal Color Doppler especially for varices, testicular torsions, inflammatory and
neoplastic lesions.

Obstetric Color Doppler studies specially for intra uterine growth retardation, position of umbilical cord, ectopic pregnancy, viability of foetus with help of transvaginal probes.

Gynecological: Evaluation of mass lesions benign or malignant by study of its vascularity
by transvaginal probes.
Ovulation studies.
Cardiac group :
For cardiac functions, ejection fractions.
Cardiac anomalies defects.
Various pressures of chambers.
Pericardial effusion.
Ventricular wall mobility.
Chamber and valve studies.
Stress Echocardiography a future project.
Interventional Procedures
Against specific references of doctors and specialist friends the interventional procedures are undertaken and diagnostic leads rendered :


a USG guided biopsy of abdominal and thoracic masses, aspiration of abscesses and fluid collection. To be specific many doubtful and suspicious lesions of liver, renal, lymph nodes of neck could be biopsied under USG (Ultra Sound Guidance) to obtain exact specimen.


transhepatic percutaneous cholangiography (PTC) under USG and fluoroscopy guidance for evaluation of biliary tree.


Computerized Tomography Scan (CT Scan)

New Pickers IQ xtra (USA), the latest of its kind, with 3 m laser camera has been catering to the referrals of Doctors and Specialist friends since its installation in 1995. The beneficiaries besides local and district have also been from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Mumbai.

Radiologists of the Centres earned the confidence of doctor fraternity in no time and the average of patients triggered considerably.

The Centres are distinguished in a way that they do not believe in only giving reports to the patients but in cases of special interest the radiologists of the Centres manage interaction with renowned experts and academic institutions of world at large through their Internet facilities. The Centres have decided to pursue Telemedicine concept and soon the facility will see light of the day.

Present investigations on CT-scan centre around the following :

CT of Brain - Plain and with iv contrast
CT of Orbit - Plain and with iv contrast
CT of Abdomen - Plain, Oral contrast, iv contrast
CT of Thorax -Plain and with iv contrast (Lungs, mediastinum & Rib Cage)
CT of Neck - Plain and with iv contrast
CT of Paranasal Sinuses - Plain and with iv contrast
CT of Pelvis - Plain and with iv contrast
CT of Limbs & Joints -Plain and with iv contrast
CT of Spine - Plain and with iv contrast
CT Myelography
CT Cisternography
CT Guided Biopsies (FNAC)
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